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Book Review

You Can Begin Again by Joyce MeyerYou Can Begin Again

by Joyce Meyer
Faith Words, Christian Inspirational, 195 pages, $22
Review by Nancy Sapir
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In her newest book, New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer persuasively encourages readers to persevere in the pursuit of a dream, no matter what it is, no matter how old you are, or how handicapped by circumstances you might be.
Meyer is one of the most influential Bible teachers in the world, and certainly she knows something about suffering, endurance, and beginning again. From the age of three, Meyer’s father sexually abused her. At age 18 she left home to marry an abusive man who served time in prison. She’s triumphed over breast cancer, and a ten year long battle with migraine headaches, as well as issues with her back. She never gave up on God or herself, and the proof of the success of her methods and teaching is perhaps best demonstrated by the loyalty of the hundreds of millions of people she reaches worldwide with her daily televised ministry. Tens of thousands attend her conferences each year.
Using a Bible-based approach and practical examples, Meyer offers readers who feel stuck in life a second, or maybe even a hundredth, chance to start over and make it stick. Meyer applauds small beginnings, small steps forward that will yield larger results if we just won’t quit. Meyer urges readers to find good even in past mistakes.
This book is about how to  defeat the ‘giants’ in your life. That may mean smoking, overeating, debt, or  problems in a career or relationships.  The author’s tone is friendly and heartfelt, and the book is deeply satisfying. one to revisit time and time again when discouragement and frustration rear their ugly heads.

Would you follow through on a 9 year old promise to strangers? I just did…

Watch the video story here!

The father and son I made a promise to in 2005.

The father and son I made a promise to in 2005.

Watch Susannah on The Queen Latifah Show December 10th!

Susannah Locketti with Queen Latifah

Susannah Locketti with Queen Latifah

Susannah will be introducing Queen Latifa and her viewers to her new line of Hippy Pilgrim Black Peppercorn Garlic Salt on Tuesday December 10th at 9am on CBS in Boston.

Hippy Pilgrim launched in November just in time for holiday gift giving season. The salt is the perfect culinary trio of kosher salt, ground black pepper and fresh garlic. Made in small custom batches by hand, HP Black Peppercorn Garlic Salt delivers a unique texture and delicious fresh garlic flavor.

Follow @HippyPilgrim on Twitter and Like Hippy Pilgrim on FACEBOOK to learn ordering information. HP Black Peppercorn Garlic Salt is the perfect holiday gift for teachers, friends, family and co-workers. They also make great wedding or shower favors!

Online ordering available the first week in December at!

Online ordering available the first week in December at!

Susannah will use her salt to prepare a hearty winter meal for QL including steak, accordion potatoes and shaved Brussels sprout with pancetta and pecans. Dessert features a 24K Carrot Cake she learned from her mother.


Hippy Pilgrim Black Peppercorn Garlic Salt is Now for Sale this Holiday Season!

My salt is made using fresh garlic for intense flavor!

My salt is made using fresh garlic for intense flavor!

One of my colleagues makes me homemade garlic salt every year for Christmas. Within a few months I always begged for more but learned she only makes it once a year. Craving an even bolder flavor, I made a batch of my own to enjoy year round. It is for garlic lovers-it’s bursting with tons of fresh garlic, kosher salt and ground black pepper. I gave it as Christmas gifts and within months people showed up at my doorstep like addicts with their empty jars begging for more. My gift was suddenly the gift that kept on giving. Now I know why my co-worker only made hers once. So….to solve the great problem of people needing an endless year-round supply of my salt, I decided to turn it into a business this year and have officially launched Hippy Pilgrim Black Peppercorn Garlic Salt. Sold for only $6 in adorable 4 0z. pinch pots, this garlic salt is a convenient one-stop shop combining the three most popular food seasonings. I make it homemade with my own two hands in small custom batches for optimal freshness. While the website is being built, and the graphic artist works away on my labeling, you can order it the old fashioned way for now. I know snail mail is outdated but in my small town world, it brings me back to the way business used to be in the good ole days and I love it!  Trust me-it will be worth the extra steps and you will hate to be without it!

If you would like to purchase jars as holidays gifts, or just for yourself all you have to do is this: 

  • Send me an email at with the number of jars you would like to purchase and your mailing address.
  • I will calculate shipping costs and provide you with the total cost including shipping. To maximize your order and shipping costs, order more than one! :)
  • Then you simply write a check payable to SL Multimedia and mail to:                                                                            Susannah Locketti  c/o SL Multimedia  811 Pembroke Woods Drive Pembroke, MA 02359
  • I will ship your garlic to your door upon receipt of your check.
  • You will receive the garlic salt.
  • You will top every food you add salt and pepper to with my Hippy Pilgrim Black Peppercorn Garlic Salt.
  • You will be a customer for life because it is so darn good!

When the website is up and running, you can save time and order with Paypal. For now, let’s do business the old fashioned way so I can get to know my customers personally.



Watch Susannah’s new segment “Better with Allrecipes” on Better TV!

Subscribe to and/or pick up your Dec/Jan copy now! This is their premier edition!

Subscribe to and/or pick up your Dec/Jan copy now! This is their premier edition!

So excited to be joining the Allrecipes family on Better TV supporting their launch of Allrecipes magazine on newsstands now! Click the links below to check out the first series of segments. Couldn’t be happier to be working with Chef Plum and Katie Cavuto too! Better TV airs every Tuesday on your local tv stations and reruns Wednesdays on the Hallmark Channel. Be sure to pick up the premier issue on newsstands now! Loaded with great articles and recipes!!

Watch the Intro Segment to Better with Allrecipes on Better TV 1:10

The Cheeseball is Makin a Comeback! Watch today’s segment on Better TV with me, Chef Plum and Katie Cavuto! 5:48

Watch the Kitchen Sink Segment on Better TV as part of “Better with Allrecipes”. Watch me learn how to properly open a bottle of bubbly! 4:39

Read the press release regarding the launch of Allrecipes Magazine and the tv segments on Better TV!

Check Out My Recent Visit to the Better Show in NYC!

I had a great time visiting the Better Show helping Marisol find healthy fiber enriched breakfast items to keep her toddler Cortez healthy and satisfied! The Better Show will reach 90 million homes this Fall when it airs on the Hallmark Channel!

Watch Susannah do a healthy house call for a Better Show viewer!

Photo by Brian Malloy.

Photo by Brian Malloy.

World’s Easiest Fruit Tart (and it’s lower fat too…)

Looking for an easy yet impressive fruit dessert for your next any time of year gathering? Look no further. My tart is super easy, lower fat, yet it tastes divine. Use whatever fruit is in season and trust me on this one single mommies….top it with a scoop of frozen yogurt and all your kiddie problems will simply disappear…until the next slice of course.

World’s Easiest Fruit Tart ~ Recipe courtesy Susannah Locketti

Thanks mom for letting me raid your blackberry patch to make this delicious tart!

Thanks mom for letting me raid your blackberry patch to make this delicious tart!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9″ or 10″ spring form pan (the type you use for cheesecakes) with a good dose of cooking spray and set aside. If you don’t have a spring form pan, use a pie plate.

In a mixing bowl combine 1/2 cup olive oil (canola or vegetable oil will work just fine too) with one cup of granulated sugar. Mix well. Add 2 eggs (or a half cup of egg substitute) and a capful of quality vanilla extract and mix again. In a separate mixing bowl combine         1 1/4 cups flower, 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder and a good pinch of kosher salt. Add to the wet ingredients mixing just until the dry ingredients are fully combined. The batter will be a bit on the loose side but it should be smooth. Pour the batter into the spring form pan coated with cooking spray. Top the batter neatly with 2 – 2 1/2 cups of your favorite fresh or frozen fruit. Feel free to make pretty patterns with halved strawberries or peach slices if you’re the artsy type. :)


This is what it looks like right before you put it in the oven...just 60 minutes from yummy goodness...

This is what it looks like right before you put it in the oven…just 60 minutes from yummy goodness…see all that crunchy sugar?!

In this recipe, I used luscious blackberries picked this morning behind my mom’s house. Top the tart with 2-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar or large crystal baking sugar. This is the best choice. The sugar crystals are large and crunchy. You can find it in baking stores or if you’re like me, you’ll find yours at the Christmas Tree Shop in t he food section for $1.99.  This sugar really makes the tart look professional and fancy. It’s in a shaker which makes sprinkling all the easier. Then pop the tart in the middle rack of the oven for exactly an hour. Loosen the ring of the spring form pan and allow to cool for at least 15-20 minutes before slicing. Voila-you have a kick ass tart made with seasonal fruit and you know EVERY ingredient that’s in it.

Here's a frozen mixed fruit version I whopped was not soggy at all even though the fruit was that!

Here’s a frozen mixed fruit version I whipped up…it was not soggy at all even though the fruit was frozen…love that!

I have made this using strawberries, grapes (YES red grapes), peaches, assorted frozen fruit blends etc. It comes out great no matter what fruit you put in whether it is fresh or frozen. Cherry is my next tart….lemon zest would be great in one made with blueberries….orange zest would work well in one made with peaches or pineapple…the possibilities are endless and the recipe is extremely forgiving.

I topped the mixed fruit tart with a scoop of store bought coconut pineapple frozen Greek yogurt...TO DIE FOR!!!

I topped the mixed fruit tart with a scoop of store bought coconut pineapple frozen Greek yogurt…TO DIE FOR!!!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes over in your house!


God Bless! xoxo Susannah

PS. This recipe was inspired by a full fat fruit tart featured in People magazine. It looked so good and I wanted to try it but I couldn’t get past all the butter it called for. So I revamped it my way and now we can all enjoy it without the guilt.



5 Proven Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Fruit

By Susannah Locketti

Are you trying to get your kids to eat more fruits? If so, I have five proven ways to solve the problem without hassle.

Put A Note On It

I recently bought some bananas and noticed the kids weren’t going for them. So I put a note on them telling the kids to try one because they were at perfect ripeness. Within days the bananas started to diminish. It’s all about strategic marketing as far as I’m concerned and this cute gimmicky note worked.


Market the fruit to your kids with cute hard sell notes like this one.

Make it Convenient

I have also found that the more convenient the fruit-the more likely they are to eat it. I like to rinse and prep fruit right after I buy it and then store it in decorate bowls in the fridge. We taste food with our eyes first and kids are no different. A fruit salad of blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and pineapple is always a hit in my house. (use leftovers for the next tip)

Let Your Kids Beat then Eat Their Fruit

Smoothies are the simplest and most fun way for kids to get in fruit. There is something about making your own custom smoothie that gets  kids excited. My 11 year old son Aidan LOVES smoothies and looks like he’s making a witch’s brew with all of his add-ins. (use leftovers for the next tip)

This smoothie was made by blending frozen fruit and fresh fruit juice in the blender.

This smoothie was made by blending frozen fruit and fresh fruit juice in the blender.

Homemade Fruit Popsicles

If you have leftover smoothies, freeze them into popsicles. You can do this in plastic cups or in store bought popsicle molds which are easy to find in stores. I bought mine in the food section of Kohl’s department store.

Ditch Maple Syrup in Favor of  Fruit Purees

Puree fresh or frozen fruit in the food processor or blender. Use the fresh fruit puree as a topping on waffles or pancakes. Peach or mango puree would also pair well with chicken or pork dishes. Use the purees as a topping for frozen low fat ice cream, on fresh yogurt or on cottage cheese.

Check out Susannah’s segment on the Better Show

How to Stay Real in Your Life

By Susannah Locketti

Check out my appearance on the Better Show this morning. I gave 5 tips on how to replace artificial substitutes in your life with the real thing.

Susannah’s Appearance on Better TV

Susannah Locketti

Susannah Locketti